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What is Coccidiosis?
Coccidiosis causes considerable economic loss in the poultry industry. It is caused by the protozoa, Eimeria spp. Chicken coccidiosis is the major parasite disease of poultry, with substantial economic burden, estimated to cost the industry more than $ 800 million in annual losses worldwide. The total cost of coccidial infections in the UK (780 million broilers) has been estimated to be at least £ 42 million per annum, of which 74 % is due to sub-clinical effects on weight gain and 24 % in feed conversion and 2 % is the cost of prophylaxis and therapy of commercial birds. The total loss due to coccidiosis was found to be Rs. 1.14 billion in India. The comparison of economic traits revealed that the loss is maximum due to reduced body weight gain, followed by increased FCR (23.74%) and chemoprophylaxis (2.83%) in the total loss due to coccidiosis in the broiler industry of India.
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